Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Giuseppe Blanco - Don't be a fan to be a fan

Our third contributor Giuseppe Blanco, is a spitting image of the Knicks, Danilo Gallinari (and not just because they are both handsome Italians). He's got the game to go inside and mix it up, but he can also shoot the three from all over the court.

He once held a SAG card and made appearances in A Bronx Tale, Bonfire of The Vanities and if you search hard enough on you tube, a jail scene in All My Children (classic stuff)

GB is all about the 80's. No one knows the decade better and he was a well known DJ back then.

He has been known to tweet live during "Jersey Shore" and "The Real Housewives of New Jersey"
Could have starred in Jersey Shore, the early years, as he was a regular at the Aztec in Seaside Heights, circa 1987.

Still hasn't recovered from Beltran looking at strike three from Adam Wainwright back in 2006.
    On to his first entry:       
    Don’t be a fan to be a fan!

    Let’s get on the same page quickly. My life is all about the letter “F”.

    “Family”, “Food” and “Fantasy Sports” (Other F’s involved but we won’t go there).

    In my “Famiglia” I represent the Mets, Skins and Jets (Had my share of Riggins and Piazza Jerseys). I have many issues, but just to touch on a few………

    1) People who pretend to be sports fans just because being a fan is cool at the time they choose to be a fan (i.e. Super Bowl, The World Series, World Cup Soccer). They couldn’t tell you what a encroachment is or what a ground rule double is. Think they would know what defensive indifference is?? But, their the first one’s to meet at the bar and yell at the TV screen as if they really care and know what’s going on.

    2) Parents who bring their kids to play youth sports but are only there for the social aspect to show they know a lot of the other parents and only pay attention when their kid has the ball, hit’s the ball or shoots.

    3) Male sportscasters who pretend their Female sidekicks are not the most drop dead gorgeous girl you have ever seen. They look at them as if they are really listening about the segment but God only knows what they are thinking and really want to say. I wonder if I am the only one that realizes that.

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