Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Allow myself to ... introduce myself.

I am John, and I will be responsible for dishing the rock to my more skilled and interesting teammates on this blog. I know each of their strengths and will put them in a position where they can shine. Consider me the floor general who will lead this brigade to big and better things ... or in the toilet by Thanksgiving. Each of the contributors will be revealed to you as they write their first entry.

This blog will continue to evolve and hopefully you will find it an interesting read and if we do our jobs right, hopefully we will get a strong reaction from you - be it positive or negative, doesn't matter a bit. Just feel free to hammer us in the comments section so we can get to creating a healthy debate.

Some background info on me:

  • A long suffering Mets fan who now only roots for the Yankees and Phillies to lose. So you can imagine my recent joy.

  • An Oakland Raiders fan since 1980 (conveniently the year they won the Super Bowl) but I will tell you I was drawn by the awkwardness of Jim Plunkett and the stick um globbed on by Lester Hayes.

  • A die hard New York Rangers fan who knows 1994 will never be topped. I don't miss a game, read all the blogs and consider this to be my favorite team of all.

  • I was not a big NBA fan but rooted for the Knicks growing up. I completely gave up on it until my son became an obsessed Boston Celtics fan two years ago. I jumped right on that bandwagon and considering the state of all my other teams, you can't say squat to me.

I also write a blog on ... you'll never guess .... gardening so this is a fun diversion from that but I will drop some gardening knowledge on you here and there so brace yourself.

We hope you enjoy this new venture and thank you already if you've made it this far.


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