Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kenny Bloggins - Three points and a cloud of dust

1)Now that Junior Seau has literally gone over the edge, what exactly is left in U$C's famed trophy case in Heritage Hall? OJ's Heisman? I think that's still in evidence in Judge Ito's chambers.

Reggie Bush's Heisman? USC owes that to the grifter who bought Bush's parents a house.

Leinart's Heisman? I think he gave it to Derek Anderson, who since gave it to Max Hall. Another Heisman for a BYU QB.

Brian Cushing's trophies? They are locked in the laboratory that is bioengineering more rhinoceros plasma for him to inject.

The Trojans' fall from grace makes you forget that Tiger didn't go to school there.

2) I'm convinced that the San Fran relief pitchers are all wearing the same fake beard, and that it hangs on a coat hook in the Giant bullpen. Especially that beirdo Brian Wilson. Mick Fleetwood would be proud that Wilson has gone his own way.

3) Since early September, the Phillies fans and media have been planning the championship parade.

This was a done deal. How could they lose with H2O? After years of jealousy and frustration with the Yankee payroll, Philly had gone out and purchased their own set of heroes because "buying" a ring is so simple (just ask the Mets, Dodgers, Red Sox etc). So when Halladay threw the no-hitter in the NLDS, the grand celebration began in earnest. This was the Super Bowl Shuffle all over again minus the dance steps (and the ring).


  1. Man, Cushing's put on a few lbs of muscle since I used to watch him patrolling the middle of the field at Bergen Catholic.

  2. USC is not far from the V Conti. Just ask cushing