Friday, October 29, 2010

NFL Week 8 picks - Johnny Downtown

Refinance your mortgage.

Sell your kids toys
Cash in the kids savings bonds you know were never going to them anyways.

Because I am here today to win you big money with my inaugural football picks.  

I am on fire with my football picks. I'm like 25-1 with my last 26 picks. Seriously, ask my son.

Lock #1 - Seattle +2.5 over Oakland  - I am a Raider fan, they never win two in a row and coming off last week's legendary drubbing of Denver you know we are looking at let down city.

Lock #2 - New Orleans -1 over Pittsburgh - Line makes no sense, go against the grain every time

Lock #3 - Dallas -6.5 over Jacksonville - Dallas FINALLY runs the ball with Kitna at the helm and they win by at least 14.

Lock#4 (Best Bet) - Detroit -2.5 over Washington - The Redskins, like the Bears, are complete frauds and Detroit at home, with Stafford back will win. GUARANTEED.



  1. Cowboys win by at least 14? And with their long lost running game? (My boss caught me laughing hysterically at this)

  2. can I bet you on the raiders and cowboys game

  3. if the raider game were in Seattle, I'd agree with you... I want to agree with you on the Cowboys game, but I just don't see it.

  4. horrible pick taking dallas.

  5. also bad pick going for sea

  6. Longest rush: 9 yards
    Leading rusher: 22 yards
    Total rushing: 50 yards
    Another Cowboys loss: priceless

  7. well, I was 4-0.... thanks john