Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ducks on the pond

By AC Philthy

Random Acts of Fandom
On our first date, Mrs. Philthy told me an enchanting tale from her childhood. As a teenager, she was such a big fan of the New York Rangers that she could not bear to miss a game. With regular west coast and Canadian backwoods trips during the season, she needed to figure out a way to be able to stay up until the wee hours and still be able to get up for school. So, while her friends were talking on their cheeseburger phones and making mix tapes, Mrs. Philthy would force herself to go to sleep at 7pm on late start nights, set her alarm for right before the puck dropped, cheer on the Rangers (silently), and be ready for first period French the next day. Needless to say, I would have proposed that night if it was socially acceptable.

When your Father is a Scumbag
You know the guy. He is way too intense at little league games, curses in front of women and children, and puts too much pressure on his kids to be great at something because he never was. And we wonder why so many college and pro athletes are demented? This brings me to the Cam Newton saga. The press is making this young man look like a criminal, a poster boy for all that is wrong with amateur athletics. Now, we are being told that both he and his father were quoted as saying money would be a determining factor on where Cam went to school. So, you want me to believe that a 20-year old kid had the stones to extort football powerhouses, high profile coaches, and experienced AD’s? Sorry, I’m not buying that. What I am buying is Cecil Newton, the scumbag.

ACP’s Prediction: This is only going to get worse. Cam will be ruled ineligible or suspended before Auburn’s Bowl Game and be all but forced to declare for the NFL draft. His stock will drop and he will eventually be JaMarcus’d, purple drank and all.

I like Dancing with the Stars as much as the next mother of two…
But these are the shows you should be watching right now:

1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – FX
1a. The League – FX
Together they form the most hilarious hour on television. It’s Always Sunny “The World Series Defense” might be the greatest episode in the history of TV (for people that live in Philadelphia or root for Philadelphia teams that is). The League’s “Ghost Monkey” Halloween Special comes in a close second.

2. The Big C – Showtime
Eye-opening, smart, hilarious, and oddly inspiring; this is my surprise show of the year. Since Weeds is quickly heading for an Entourage-like demise, this is the only reason to keep Showtime.

3. Bored to Death – HBO
First and foremost, I’ll watch anything that Ted Danson is in. Secondly, the show is very funny; even more so when you consume massive quantities of chardonnay while watching.

4. Diners, Drive-in’s, and Dives – Food Network
This is the most DVRable show out there because it’s on late and often. DVR it and anytime you are bored just pop one on. Warning: do not watch on an empty stomach.

5. Terriers – FX
This show is like the runt of the litter on FX. It’s not as action packed as The Shield or as intriguing as Damages but it’s clever, fun, and I like an underdog.

Show Up for #52
Saturday marks the first Rutgers home game since Eric LeGrand was paralyzed on October 16th. Rutgers mediocre play and bandwagony fan base has left the newly renovated and expanded stadium partially empty all year. This Saturday better be the exception.


  1. Two other must see TVs. The Walking Dead is Awesome! Blood and guts, which rocks, but they still take the time to develop the characters and story. You also have to include Boardwalk Empire. Started slow, but each episode to getting better.

  2. sunny and the league are the only 2 shows i watch this year...charlie as a custodian and the courtroom scene last night?! both comedy gold

  3. The professor has taken an interest in ya!