Monday, November 29, 2010

Four Down Territory

By Kenny Bloggins

1)  The NFL RedZone channel is incredible.  It changed NFL football for me, and anyone who watches it will tell you the same thing.

2)  The Randy Shannon era is over in Miami just four years after it began.  He recruited so well that I thought they'd be back in a big way shortly after his arrival.  But, despite the talent he brought in, he went just 16-16 in a crumby ACC and never even earned a trip to the ACC title game.  That's not acceptable at Miami.  Neither is losing to South Florida, which doesn't have one player who had the opportunity to play at The U.  That's why Shannon was fired just hours after the Canes fell to South Florida.  As one writer put it, "he squeezed 7 wins out of an 11 win roster."  The team will be loaded with talent and poised to make an ACC title run for whichever coach takes the reigns in Coral Gables.

3)  Reason #38 why I hate fantasy football:  When you watch game highlights, you're lucky if they even tell you who made a crucial interception - likely because INTs and defense in general are devalued in fantasyland.  But if you watch a game in reality world, you'll note that INTs change games.  I want to know all about those playmakers.  So stop feeding me stats about the backup tight end in Seattle and get back to actual football.  Defense has become an afterthought

4)  Watching the refs review a play "under the hood" is just comical in this digital age.  It reminds me of a scene from like 1928 in a silent film.  It won't be long until we're making fun of the fact that "refs used to go under a hood to review plays." 

*  Fantastic "Best Bet" and insight posted in Johnny Downtown's Weekly Picks.  I didn't get the sense the Vikes would beat the Skins in D.C.  Johnny knew what would happen and why.

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