Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heavy Metal - The Most Heated Rivalry In Sports

By Kenny Bloggins

Ohio State vs. Michigan gets all the media attention and glamour, but nothing compares to the Iron Bowl. I never miss this game, and find it perplexing that I have to "sell it" to people. Trust me when I tell you that if you watch a single football game all season it should be Auburn at Alabama this Friday at 2:30pm EST on CBS. The hatred and intensity are unmatched, year in and year out.

Moreover, this year's installment of the Iron Bowl is arguably the biggest and most important meeting in the history of the storied series. Consider that you have the defending National Champs (Bama) and the reigning Heisman Trophy winner (Mark "The Rhino" Ingram) lining up against this year's potential undefeated National Champs and the clear favorite in the Heisman race, Mr. sCam Newton. When's the last time that happened? You can bet Nick Satan will spend every waking hour trying to foil Auburn's dynamic offense and knock Auburn out of the BCS title game. So watch this heavy metal game end to end and tell me where you think it ranks. Go full volume and savor the sound of helmets shattering.

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  1. The Tide is a 4 point favorite at home. I take Auburn and the points. Bama 31 Auburn 28.