Saturday, November 13, 2010

NFL Week 10 picks - Johnny D

By Johnny Downtown

OK, so last week was a complete bust. I was 0-3-1 which pushed the season record to 2-5-1. A quick recap:
  • Buffalo +3 over Chicago. PUSH. I'm still not impressed with Chicago one bit and not much to say when there is a push.
  • Minnesota -8.5 over Arizona. LOSS. This was closer than it actually was. Minnesota was down 14 late and rallied. Your typical Favre make a mess and then rally to get out of it. Some times you just have to accept that a team is just not what it was the year before (See 2010 Cowboys and Bengals). 
  • Seattle +6.5 over New York Giants. LOSS. Um, sorry about this one
  • Atlanta -8.5 over Tampa Bay. LOSS. Do I have to accept TB as a contender? Because it will never happen. I'm still not buying it so I'll stay away from them completely going forward.
On to week 10:
  1. Houston +2 over Jacksonville. All I can say is it is a gut feeling on this one. Never believe in Jax and Del Rio when things are going well.
  2. Buffalo - 3 over Detroit. Win # 1 for Buffalo at home. I like Fitzpatrick and Steve Johnson and don't believe that Shaun Hill is healthy. Can you imagine an entire game with Drew Stanton? UGLY.
  3. Philadelphia -3 over Washington. I think Washington is close to complete chaos with the McNabb/Shanahan nonsense and Philly will continue to roll. Vick looks like a top 5 quarterback and man does he have a lot of weapons.
  4. Miami +1 over Tennessee. BEST BET. Some times you can just see Monday's headlines. "Pennington just wins and never gets enough respect". "Parcells and company just know how to push the right buttons." Moss is a non factor and Miami wins by 10.
OK, don't leave just yet. I want to issue you all a challenge. You make your four picks for the week and post them in the Comments section here. If you beat me, I will do a write up on this blog promoting anything you like. Even if it is just me writing a few sentences as to why you are such a great person. What the hell, we'll see how it goes.

Johnny D     


  1. Pittsburg -4.5 over NE
    TB - 7 over Car *Best bet
    Jets -3 over Cle
    Philly -3 over Wash

  2. Eagles -3
    Dallas +13.5
    Kansas City -1
    Cleveland +3

  3. TB -6.5 over Car
    ARI -3 over Sea
    Chiefs -1 over DEN
    Vikings -1 Over CHI

  4. 2-2 for me but Cleveland should have at least pushed in OT! The Eagles and Dallas were the locks of the year!

    Looks like japalang needs a nice write up about them :)

  5. okay johnny downtown. The topic is your favorite college story involving me