Sunday, November 21, 2010

NFL Week 11 picks - Johnny D

By Johnny Downtown

Running late today. Quick recap from last week:

Houston +2 over Jacksonville. LOSS - on a Hail Mary so don't feel too bad, although I am staying away from Jax for the rest of the year.

Buffalo - 3 over Detroit. LOSS - Buffalo wins but only by 2. This is why I would never bet professionally.

Philadelphia -3 over Washington. WIN - Um, sort of a blowout, huh?

Miami +1 over Tennessee. BEST BET.WIN - An easy one, although Miami became quite a mess after this one. Still, I'll take it, Best Bets are now 2-1.

On to this week:
  1. KC -8 over Arizona - the Chiefs exercise their demons from the past two games and romp.
  2. Giants +3 over Philly - Vick comes back to earth plus the world is on Philly now.
  3. GB - 3 over Minnesota - Aaron Rodgers destroys Favre and the "Fire Chilly" chants apex.
  4. Best Bet - TB +3 over San Francisco - I'm a TB convert this week and not buying Troy Smith
And John P, I haven't forgotten about my promise. Coming this week.

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  1. Another good week JD! Just remember: never bet on the VaGiants.