Thursday, December 2, 2010

Football Hypocrisy

By Kenny Bloggins

1)  Goodell fines all these players for phantom dangerous hits at the
same time that he is trying to add two extra games.  Nothing could
possibly cause as many injuries as two more weeks of NFL football.  The
good teams already play 23 games (4 preseason, 16 reg season, 3
playoff).  College teams play 13 games max, and college is riddled with

2)  So worried about head injuries, Goodell conveniently doesn't fine
Andre "Marvin Hagler" Johnson in order to improve ratings/attempt to
prevent a blowout in tonight's game vs. Philly on The Goodell Network,
which is going head to head in the ratings against Queen LeBron's return
to Cleveland.

3)  NCAA finds Mr. Newton Sr. guilty of selling his son's football
to the highest bidder and rules $cam Newton ineligible.  But they
reverse course the next day when they realize that would put TCU in the
BCS title game. 


  1. harrison's current bill is 125k
    no matter how much an athlete makes this is ludicrous

  2. Re. #1 - I cannot agree with you that they are ALL phantom dangerous hits. Harrison leads with his helmet too much. He should learn from #43. Troy Pol generally leads with his shoulder. Also, if they compensate the players appropriately (pay, insurance benefits, etc.) for playing additional games the number of games issues will be muted.

    Re. #2 - Andre Johnson would have been able to play on Thursday even if he was suspended as the appeals process would not have finished before Thursday's game so the ratings argument is not that strong.

    Just sayin'