Sunday, December 5, 2010

NFL Week 13 picks - Johnny D

By Johnny Downtown

We were 2-2 last week, but, my best bet hit again and that makes us 4-1 on the year with the best bets. Last weeks recap:  

NY Giants -7 over Jacksonville - LOSS - Giants win but don't cover, what can you do?
Green Bay +2 over Atlanta - LOSS - Should never have gone against Matty Ice at home

St Louis +4 over Denver - WIN - Easy win, two teams heading in different directions
Minnesota +2 over Washington - BEST BET - First game with new coach holds up again

On to this week:

1.KC -8.5 over Denver - Revenge from an earlier beat down and KC will run ALL DAY

2.St Louis -3 over Arizona - Similar to Denver last week, AZ is on it's way down

3.Carolina +6 over Seattle - Carolina hasn't quit and Seattle shouldn't be giving anyone that many points

4.SD -13 over Oakland - BEST BET - My Raiders are banged up and SD is streaking, will get ugly  


  1. Wow...Denver is going down, yet w/ so much tv coverage as always. No wonder you Raiders hate them!!

  2. Hm. 1-3. I believe people would be making money if they were the anti-Johnny D. It that sense you are providing a public service