Friday, October 29, 2010

Giuseppe Blanco - This is getting old

What better way of starting the day then deciding to rip into my favorite sports player, none other then Mr. Derek Sanderson Jeter.

I was speaking to a Yankee fan yesterday and could not believe what I heard…This guy says he heard that they were thinking of moving “Mr. Fist-Pump - Top step dugout Cheerleader” Derek Cheater to 3B, DH Arod and pick up a SS in the off season. I stared at him for like a minute, like a fat guy stares at a treadmill. Can you friggin believe that! Remove a 2 time gold glove SS from playing the field to sit and DH. The guy made $33 Million in 2010 and now you wanna use him to DH? If that’s the case, man Edgar Martinez got ripped off making only $7 Mil as his top salary year. I’m sure Edgar would give you 25 hrs (in that park) and 100 rbi’s. Maybe Derek can make a better “Jump-Throw” from 3B. Who knows?

Speaking of Getting Old...Being in my early 40’s I feel like my age has really turned the corner. I was food shopping the other day (what else is there to shop for other then XXL T-Shirts with a iron on of something that kinda makes you feel young enough to be a “Jersey Shore” Cast member). I returned the shopping cart to the kid who rounds up all the carts in the parking lot and he goes “Thanks Sir”. Sir? Really? I look like a Sir? I was hit smack in the face with reality. I stopped for a second and felt like I should be sitting next to Tony Soprano’s mother in Green Grove Nursing home. I felt old and frumpy. But, I guess that’s life my friend, we keep going and do the things that make us feel young. Like Food Shopping, Acai Juice and Fantasy Sports Baby!

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