Sunday, November 28, 2010

NFL Week 12 picks - Johnny D

By Johnny Downtown

3-1 Last week. Brings our total to 7-8-1. Things are looking up and I am super confident coming into this week. Last week's recap:

KC -8 over Arizona - WIN - Chiefs romp after the prior two disastrous games
Giants +3 over Philly - LOSS - Misread this one bad. Should have been even more of a blowout.
GB - 3 over Minnesota - WIN - Liking taking candy from a baby.
Best Bet - TB +3 over San Francisco - WIN - More of an indictment on SF than anything else.

On to this week:
  • NY Giants -7 over Jacksonville - I may regret it, but I think the Giants put the beatdown on Jax this week after two bad losses.
  • Green Bay +2 over Atlanta - The GB steamtrain continues to roll on.
  • St Louis +4 over Denver - The Denver collapse continues and St Louis wins straight up.
  • Minnesota +2 over Washington - BEST BET - Always love first game with a new coach and Washington is doing it all with smoke and mirrors.   


  1. hmmm 2-2. not so strong

  2. stay away from the G-men and you have two back-to-back big weeks!