Saturday, November 6, 2010

NFL Week 9 picks - Johnny Downtown

Johnny D is just back from Disney World and all that positivity and "dreams can come true" crap has me all fired up. I promise you a 4-0 week and if not, I'll dress up like Minnie Mouse and post the photos here.

But, before we get to the picks, let's do a happy recap from last week.

Seattle +2.5 over Oakland - LOSS - this was a superstitious bet to inspire my Raidaz ... and it worked. I'll take the loss against my record but know deep down I got this one right.

New Orleans - 1 over Pittsburgh - WIN - Just knew NO would show up and the line screamed take Pittsburgh. The perfect storm to victory.

Dallas -6.5 over Jacksonville - LOSS - Next

Detroit -2.5 over Washington - Best Bet - WIN - Thank you Donovan McNabb and Rex Grossman. I can always count on you to not come through.

Season Record - 2-2
Best Bet - 1-0

On to this week:

#1 - Buffalo +3 over Chicago - Similar to last week's pick of Detroit over Washington, Chicago is a mirage and truly stinks, Jay Cutler is the second coming of Jeff George and Buffalo is ready for victory number one. Book it.

#2 - Minnesota -8.5 over Arizona - Similar to last week's Dallas pick over Jax, but this week we will win. Minnesota will take it's frustration out on Arizona in spite of Brad Childress and all that is wrong in the Twin Cities.

#3 - Seattle +6.5 over New York Giants - Seattle at home and always love when the back-up starts that first week. Seattle keeps it close and loses on a late FG.

#4 - Atlanta -8.5 over Tampa Bay - BEST BET - Tampa Bay is exposed playing a real team this week and Atlanta is coming off a bye and at home. Atlanta wins by 20.    


  1. i like your picks

  2. That looks like 0-3 and one push. Strong week

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen... and that's what we call "taking a bath." Sorry dude.

  4. Were we supposed to bet the opposite of what you predicted or not? I'm confused.

  5. Week 10 picks are coming soon, if I can be consistently bad isn't that as good as being consistently good? I will do my best to avoid mediocrity.